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Equipment Rentals

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Depending on the type of event, your needs and the equipment available at your venue, you may have to rent additional equipment for your event.

Types of equipment

Equipment that is commonly rented for events includes:

  • Tables and chairs
  • A/V, tech and lighting
  • Stage
  • Tents and umbrellas
  • Decor

Where to rent

Event Services

Most departments use Event Services for all of their equipment needs. You can find a listing of the most frequently requested items they have available on their website. It is important to reach out as soon as possible to schedule with Event Services as many dates are nearing capacity.

Contact Event Services for equipment rentals and services.

Outside vendors

There are certain items you may need to rent from outside vendors such as specialty tenting, stages and golf carts. If you are already working with Event Services, they may be able assist you in finding vendors for some of these types of items. You may also get referrals and suggestions from other Stanford departments.

Additional costs

When renting equipment, you will likely need to pay for crew to install it or set it up. In the case of audio/visual/lighting equipment, you will also need to pay for the technicians to run the equipment during your event. If renting large tenting or stages, you may need to budget for additional costs for permits and delivery. Don't forget to factor in these additional costs when budgeting for your event.


The policies that apply when renting equipment may vary based on the type of event, the location and what you are renting. In general, the policies you should be familiar with are: