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Press and Media

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When planning a special event with a high-profile speaker or other large scale event, it is common to have press and media covering the event. Working with the media to cover your event often requires special expertise. High profile visitors may have security concerns and reporters may have particular equipment or seating needs. It is important to coordinate with the Office of Special Events & Protocol and University Communications to ensure that these issues are addressed in the early planning stages.  

Working with University Communications and the Stanford News Service

The Stanford News Service is staffed by professional journalists with extensive experience in dealing with the media on a daily basis. The office works with all media, including on-campus publications, local, national and international, in all formats — print, broadcast and electronic.

They can assist you with managing the media at your event as well as other communications and media issues.

For Journalists

If you are a member of the news media and are interested in working with Stanford University to cover a particular event, please contact University Communications. They can assist you with experts, contacts and other information.

Communications policies

You should also be familiar with Stanford’s various communication policies.