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Most events will require some level of security consideration depending on the nature and size of the event.

Department of Public Safety

The Stanford Department of Public Safety (DPS) is a multi-service agency providing law enforcement, security, safety, crime prevention and emergency services on the Stanford University campus 24 hours a day. DPS is also available to assist event organizers in planning security for events taking place on the Stanford campus.

Event safety and security services often provided by DPS include:

  • Barricades
  • Parking Control
  • Site Security
  • Student Party
  • Traffic Control
  • Venue Security

View their Event Security Options page for more information.

To request DPS services, the event organizer will need to complete the Security Services Request Form (SSRF). They will review the information provided and make security staffing determinations based in part on the information provided on this form. If you have questions, review their FAQ page or email

Special Event Security

When planning a special event (such as a high-profile guest or visiting dignitary, outdoor event on a campus street or a large-scale, high-impact event) security is a major concern and should be addressed early in the planning process. With these types of special events, additional steps may be required for approval. The proposed event should be reviewed with the Office of Special Events & Protocol (OSEP) before proceeding with the planning process.

Security requirements for Special Events:

  • Review the Events Requiring Security or Extraordinary Resources policy.
  • Submit the proper request forms to notify DPS and OSEP:
    • Submit the SSRF to DPS at least 10 days in advance, preferably as early as possible.
    • See the Special Events page for the appropriate forms to submit to OSEP.
  • Work with these departments to identify additional requirements regarding special arrangements and any other risk management concerns.
  • The event organizer must agree to assume ALL financial costs associated with any required/identified security arrangements necessary for an approved event.
  • In certain cases, further review may also be required by the Office of Risk Management.

University Agency

Certain members of the Stanford University staff can act as agents of the university, playing an important role in the event security plan. Event planners should work with DPS and others to determine if agents are needed at their events. If it has been advised that agents should be present, a letter of temporary agency can be requested for those who are not currently agents but will be acting as agents, provided they have attended the proper training.