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Special Events

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There are many different types of special events that happen regularly on the Stanford campus. Most special events are complex and require an extra level of consideration as to the impacts they will have on the campus and the resources that will be required. Typically, a special event will have special circumstances that would require the event organizer to work with our office to plan the event.

It is important to understand the relevant policies and requirements and engage with the appropriate campus departments and offices before moving forward with the planning process.

Types of Special Events

Related Policies

Approvals Required

High-profile guests or visiting dignitaries

  • Heads-of-state or high-ranking government officials and delegations
  • Events featuring recognizable or well-known celebrity guests/speakers

Events Requiring Security or Extraordinary Resources

Political Activities

Submit the Dignitary and High-Profile Event Proposal Form.

High-impact events

  • Music concerts, film or television events
  • Major conferences or athletic events
  • Events attended by large crowds (500+)

Events Requiring Security or Extraordinary Resources

Noise and Amplified Sound

Submit the Dignitary and High-Profile Event Proposal Form.

Outdoor events on campus streets

  • Runs, races, rides and walks
  • Parades
  • Other events using campus streets

Runs, Rides, Walks, and Outdoor Events on Campus Streets

Submit an application for use of campus streets (SUNet ID required).

Student Events

Any special event planned by a student organization.

Office of Student Engagement

Contact Office of Student Engagement (OSE) for approvals.