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Venue Preparation and Clean-Up

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BGM work requests

Most venues will require work requests to be placed with Buildings & Grounds Maintenance (BGM) as part of the reservation approval process. These will typically be for essential services that most events will require such as:

  • Custodial (indoor clean-up and trash removal)
  • PSSI (trash, recycling and compost bins)
  • Grounds (irrigation shut off)
  • Event Services (equipment and technician services)

Information about work requests and other services provided and if other types of permits will be required for your specific event can be found on the BGM website. Learn more about BGM work requests for event planners.

Venue-specific services

Alternatively, some venues may manage their own service providers for venue preparation, equipment and clean-up services. You will need to research each venue's requirements to insure that all the required work requests and services are scheduled for your event. Check with the reservation websites for your venue and review departmental guidelines for necessary information.

In addition, you should always understand the lock and unlocking procedures for the building where your venue is located, so that you know who will unlock and lock your venue and how these services are requested.

What you need to know/What you need to do:

  1. Inquire of the building managers what are the required services for an event.
  2. Determine if your venue uses BGM services or internal staff services.
  3. Schedule your service requests accordingly.

Remember, use of space without the required work requests and hiring outside service providers for venues maintained by university service providers or vendors without proper insurance coverage is prohibited.