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Vehicle Display Policy

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Stanford's resources and campus space exist to support the university's mission of the creation, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge. The university's space and events must be preserved for these purposes, not for the personal gain of individuals nor for outside parties' uses which do not further Stanford's academic objectives. The university receives frequent requests for access to its space by outside entities to display and sell products, typically in exchange for some form of compensation to Stanford. 

The purpose of this policy is to remind the university community that it is Stanford’s policy not to engage in the display of vehicles on the campus premises. 

With respect to vehicles for example, these requests may include but are not limited to the display of: 

  • Combustion engine automobiles 
  • Trucks and SUV's
  • Electric vehicles 
  • Two- or three-wheeled vehicles such as motorcycles
  • Seafaring vehicles such as boats
  • Aircraft or airborne vehicles 
  • Commercial vehicles for sale or corporate display
  • Other modes of transportation not otherwise mentioned here

If a vehicle display is directly related to a campus academic program within the university community (a Stanford school, department or institute), it must be demonstrated that, were the vehicles not displayed at the event, the university's academic mission would be compromised. In this case, the possibility of a request for a waiver would be considered.

The waiver can be presented in the form of a written proposal and should include:

  • What the vehicle is (provide photos and history)
  • Confirmation that the vehicle is not one that is readily available to view and/or purchase at parking lots for example; that it must be “unavailable” and is being made available for a scientific or other academic-related purpose that has something important to teach those who view it
  • The academic purpose for bringing the vehicle to campus and direct student/faculty benefit planned for having such a display if not otherwise described above
  • When and where the proposed vehicle would be displayed on campus and preparations to ensure safety and no fluids leaking (if applicable) within the display area
  • Confirmation that organization or person bringing the vehicle to campus will sign liability waivers and/or provide a certificate of insurance
  • No sales promotions, financial information or incentives will be included in communications
  • Any other information that would be helpful in assisting in the review of this waiver to display the vehicle on campus

The Stanford department organizer must ensure that the specific terms and limitations of such a display, if approved, also be outlined in an event contract with the outside group or organization bringing the vehicle(s) onto the campus. 

All requests for a waiver to engage in vehicle display activities on the Stanford University campus must be submitted four (4) weeks advance to:

Information and resources

Office of Special Events & Protocol
Phone: 650-724-1387

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The information on this website is meant as a general overview. Please be sure to read and understand the full policy documents for all of the policies that may apply to your event. Please also be sure to check for important announcements and updates that may impact events on campus. If you have questions, please contact us