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Who Can Help?

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Are you a staff or faculty member new to Stanford or event planning? Do you have questions about planning a department event and aren't sure where to turn or who to ask? Is your school, department, or institute looking to plan an event and you need additional information or support?

There are many departments and organizations that can help plan your event at Stanford. Below is a general list of who can help and the resources and guidance they provide to Stanford faculty and staff.

Office of Special Events & Protocol

The Office of Special Events & Protocol (OSEP) provides the guidance and information that faculty and staff need to plan a successful event at Stanford. 

Event policy information and advice
Strategic guidance for event planning
Key logistics for complex events
Review special event proposals
Visiting dignitaries and high-profile events

Event Services

Event Services can help with the small details that can be overlooked and provide some event planning support.

Equipment rentals and setup
Event crews and media technicians
Production services and on-site management
Venue details and setup requirement


Venue managers can also help

Some venues and departments have their own event management teams that can help with event planning and logistics. They may even provide services beyond just venue rental such as A/V techs, catering and more. It is always a good idea to check with your venue contact to see what services they provide.

Here are a few venues with event management teams:

Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center


Bechtel Conference Center

Faculty Club

Traitel Building at Hoover

Knight Management Center at the Graduate School of Business

Li Ka Shing Center

Munger Events

SIEPR Conference Services

Tresidder Meeting Services

Outside vendors and support

You may also consider researching vendors outside of Stanford to provide additional services and support. We recommend working with Stanford departments to get referrals based on your needs. Be sure to review university policies about working with outside vendors, such as insurance and risk management.

Outside vendors are frequently contracted for help with things such as:

Catering and alcohol services
Event production
Golf cart rentals
Tenting, stages and other large equipment

Additional Helpful Resources

One of the best things about Stanford is the people who work here. There are many experienced event planners on campus and we are always happy to share tips, suggestions, recommendations, resources and other information with our fellow planners. 

#stanfordeventplanners Slack channel is a great resource to ask questions and source information from other event planners on campus.

#virtualeventideas Slack channel is another resource for event planners that is focused on sharing ideas for digital and online engagement.

Campus Partners Guide

There are many other campus departments you will likely work with as you plan your event. Visit our campus partners guide for an overview of the different departments and units at Stanford who can help with various aspects of planning your event. This handy guide also provides information about related policies and event planning pages to reference on our site.